Donation Received to Help Renovate an Extended Room for a Girl to be Married – Total Cost Rs.250000

Project Information

Funds Raised
Renovation of 1 room extension to support the living of a girl to be married
PROJECT COST Rs. 250,000/-
The recipient is not married, and worked as a housemaid.
She fell extremely ill with a chronic disease about 6 months back and had to stop working.
She is the guardian of two of her nieces whose parents passed away.
She did not get married due to taking sole responsibility to take care of the very young children since the demise of their parents.
She has managed to find an alliance for one of the children facing quite hardship but have not got a place to live in.
They are currently living in a small house with one room only, hence is not enough for a couple to reside in.
They managed to build up a foundation for the extension of one room but had to stop halfway due to shortage of funds.
They hardly have sufficient funds for a day’s meals as well.
Therefore, we humbly request for your help to help this family in order to continue renovation with the pending room extension.
May Allah Almighty grant choicest dwellings in both the worlds to the facilitators.