Renovation Completed to Facilitate Basic Needs for a Disabled Son & Disabled Mother – Total Cost Rs.250,000

Project Information

Funds Raised
📍Project cost Rs.250,000/- 📣There’s a sister who is living in Mabola who has a disabled son who has to be kept on the floor at all times. 📣Her mother who was helping her too had undergone an operation and the Ragama hospital has made some mistake and now she too is bed ridden. The area she lives is prone for water to come in when it rains. She’s requesting for assistance to help build a washroom, the floor in the hall and the slab for the washroom which will cost her *250,000* including the labour cost. 🤲May Allah ease the difficulty of the suffering ummah and make us a source of comfort for them in a very small manner. امين🌸